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Learning the Trade, The Maine Way

Eric Mondene Columbus Remodeling, staircases, build-ins, playhouses and much more.
Eric Mondene (Owner)

In 1985, I began working in the residential building industry in Southern Maine. I consider myself fortunate to be exposed to all aspects of home building. Working for a small company was critical to understanding each process from the foundation to the roof, hanging doors to crown moulding, setting kitchen cabinets to handing the house key to the owner.

I came to Ohio in 1990 due to the downturn in Maine. I was fortunate to be hired with a small company with the same values. I was involved in new homes, remodeling and the Parade of Homes.


There is a difference of how homes are built in Maine than Ohio, however the end product remains the same, to offer the best quality for each customer.


In 1992 I received a long term contract from a large condo developer. The contract was to construct all the decks, fences and stairs. This contract taught me time management as well as employee management. The success of this long term project demanded myself not only to order product but also do the majority of the construction.


After years of learning about the construction trade, I encountered a lot of communication breakdown. This was a difficult experience, watching the homeowner settle on the builder’s options. It was then I decided to offer what I would call The Homeowner’s Options.


I began taking that idea directly to homeowners. It worked. After years of using this philosophy, it has proven to me, this is the way to do business.


I hope you enjoy this site.




Eric R. Mondene

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